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Thursday, May 18, 2017   
Award Winner
Admiral Ackbar's it's a trap!  [DOG]LionWeight (14 kills with the Demoman's Green Pipes)
Evil Engie  crackman (1 bludgeonings with spanner)
Fear The Crowbar  omnuzz (1 murders with crowbar)
Fire and Forget  DocHolliday (1 roasting with the napalm grenade)
Fire Man  {Pie} FightingFi (4 roastings)
Frisbee toss  BYzr (9 Kills with the emp grenade)
HWGuy Extraordinaire  SugaWolf (57 ownings with ac)
Kaboom Award  xheon (2 kills with a detpack)
Longest Death Streak  Lucky13 (27 deaths)
Longest Kill Streak  SQUID N TROLL OCTOPUS (15 kills)
Longest Play Time  Shifter (08:25:18h hours)
Most Deaths  blast (77 deaths)
Most Improved Player  J2K (780 points gained)
Most Kills  Mac (85 kills)
Nailed  Mac (4 kills with Nail grenade)
Norman Bates award  Mac (2 kills with the knife)
Pipebomb Special  xheon (22 kills with a demoman's pipebomb)
Puttin them to sleep award  Sabbath (2 kills with the gas grenade)
Red Dot Special  67.9 (19 snipings)
Rocketeer  c99 (24 kills with rocket)
Sentry Gunner  Scorpion (29 kills with a sentry gun)
Special Delivery  SQUID N TROLL OCTOPUS (12 MIRV gernade kills)
Spy as Dispenser  Scorpion (6 Engineer kills with a dispenser)
Super-dooper Shotgun  BYzr (7 kills with the Super Shotgun)
The Worn-out F key Award  Mac (30 Kills with Normal Grenades)
Tim "Toolman" Taylor award  Lord Muck (1 Kills with the Nailgun)
Why fire one bullet?  tN|Hello Kitty (1 kills with the Autorifle)