Oct  November 2019
44 123
Thursday, Nov 14, 2019   
Award Winner
Admiral Ackbar's it's a trap!  NyPDFustercluck (13 kills with the Demoman's Green Pipes)
Dr. Doom Award  Joeking (1 kills from medic infection)
Evil Engie  -[EVIL]- MaRcOs (1 bludgeonings with spanner)
Fear The Crowbar  NyPDFustercluck (3 murders with crowbar)
Fire Man  Oasis INK (2 roastings)
Frisbee toss  tN|srd44 (4 Kills with the emp grenade)
HWGuy Extraordinaire  SugaWolf (69 ownings with ac)
Kaboom Award  tN|byteau (3 kills with a detpack)
Longest Death Streak  SeattleSeahawks (18 deaths)
Longest Kill Streak  tN|byteau (11 kills)
Longest Play Time  NyPDFustercluck (02:19:28h hours)
Most Deaths  tN|byteau (59 deaths)
Most Improved Player  Smotpoker (460 points gained)
Most Kills  NyPDFustercluck (93 kills)
Nailed  rupp (2 kills with Nail grenade)
Norman Bates award  Quaker (2 kills with the knife)
Pipebomb Special  NyPDFustercluck (51 kills with a demoman's pipebomb)
Red Dot Special  rupp (35 snipings)
Rocketeer  popeye (24 kills with rocket)
Sentry Gunner  Smotpoker (20 kills with a sentry gun)
Special Delivery  NyPDFustercluck (6 MIRV gernade kills)
Super-dooper Shotgun  Quaker (5 kills with the Super Shotgun)
The Worn-out F key Award  rupp (26 Kills with Normal Grenades)
Tim "Toolman" Taylor award  NyPDFustercluck (1 Kills with the Nailgun)
Why fire one bullet?  tN|byteau (2 kills with the Autorifle)