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Wednesday, Jan 3, 2018   
Award Winner
Admiral Ackbar's it's a trap!  NyPDFustercluck (37 kills with the Demoman's Green Pipes)
Dr. Doom Award  tN|CheezWhiz (1 kills from medic infection)
Fire Man  tN|Reesor (7 roastings)
Frisbee toss  SeattleSeahawks (3 Kills with the emp grenade)
HWGuy Extraordinaire  SugaWolf (69 ownings with ac)
Kaboom Award  NyPDFustercluck (6 kills with a detpack)
Longest Death Streak  Stryderkov (21 deaths)
Longest Kill Streak  NyPDFustercluck (36 kills)
Longest Play Time  SeattleSeahawks (02:51:41h hours)
Most Deaths  blast (64 deaths)
Most Improved Player  Too easy (520 points gained)
Most Kills  NyPDFustercluck (87 kills)
Nailed  tN|CheezWhiz (3 kills with Nail grenade)
Norman Bates award  Scorpion (3 kills with the knife)
Pipebomb Special  NyPDFustercluck (31 kills with a demoman's pipebomb)
Puttin them to sleep award  Chu (2 kills with the gas grenade)
Red Dot Special  Too easy (49 snipings)
Rocketeer  tN|CheezWhiz (22 kills with rocket)
Sentry Gunner  Globoss (22 kills with a sentry gun)
Special Delivery  c99 (15 MIRV gernade kills)
Super Nailer  Stryderkov (1 kills with the Super Nail gun)
Super-dooper Shotgun  c99 (5 kills with the Super Shotgun)
The Worn-out F key Award  Chu (17 Kills with Normal Grenades)
This guy still uses the railgun -->  Stryderkov (2 kills with the Engineers Rail gun)
Tim "Toolman" Taylor award  transgender software (1 Kills with the Nailgun)
Why fire one bullet?  Too easy (3 kills with the Autorifle)