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Thursday, Jun 8, 2017   
Award Winner
Admiral Ackbar's it's a trap!  Lambduh (20 kills with the Demoman's Green Pipes)
Dr. Doom Award (5 kills from medic infection)
Fire Man  Scorpion (2 roastings)
Frisbee toss  tN|CheezWhiz (3 Kills with the emp grenade)
HWGuy Extraordinaire  SugaWolf (31 ownings with ac)
Kaboom Award  Lambduh (10 kills with a detpack)
Longest Death Streak  Mrs Doubtfire (28 deaths)
Longest Kill Streak  FloorPie (17 kills)
Longest Play Time  whatever (06:10:44h hours)
Most Deaths  blast (151 deaths)
Most Improved Player  LaLaGrunge (455 points gained)
Most Kills  cayan (99 kills)
Nailed  Globoss (2 kills with Nail grenade)
Norman Bates award  Izzy (2 kills with the knife)
Pipebomb Special  cayan (27 kills with a demoman's pipebomb)
Red Dot Special  cayan (27 snipings)
Rocketeer  scuffed (22 kills with rocket)
Sentry Gunner  Black Plague (41 kills with a sentry gun)
Special Delivery  Scorpion (20 MIRV gernade kills)
Spy as Dispenser  FloorPie (2 Engineer kills with a dispenser)
Super Nailer  peace_by_peace (1 kills with the Super Nail gun)
Super-dooper Shotgun  Molo (12 kills with the Super Shotgun)
The Worn-out F key Award  FloorPie (24 Kills with Normal Grenades)
Tim "Toolman" Taylor award  [E=Pi] FightingFi (1 Kills with the Nailgun)
Why fire one bullet?  cayan (6 kills with the Autorifle)