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Thursday, May 11, 2017   
Award Winner
Admiral Ackbar's it's a trap!  [DOG]LionWeight (18 kills with the Demoman's Green Pipes)
Dr. Doom Award  tN|CheezWhiz (1 kills from medic infection)
Evil Engie  player (1 bludgeonings with spanner)
Fire and Forget  b u t t e r s (2 roasting with the napalm grenade)
Fire Man  Squidward (4 roastings)
Frisbee toss  FloorPie (4 Kills with the emp grenade)
HWGuy Extraordinaire  SQUID N TROLL OCTOPUS (30 ownings with ac)
Kaboom Award  Christopher_Hitchens (2 kills with a detpack)
Longest Death Streak  Stalin (22 deaths)
Longest Kill Streak  SQUID N TROLL OCTOPUS (15 kills)
Longest Play Time  tN|c99 (02:20:55h hours)
Most Deaths  ShockWave (70 deaths)
Most Improved Player  ShockWave (636 points gained)
Most Kills  SQUID N TROLL OCTOPUS (81 kills)
Nailed  FloorPie (4 kills with Nail grenade)
Norman Bates award  Sneaky (3 kills with the knife)
Pipebomb Special  RedBear (15 kills with a demoman's pipebomb)
Red Dot Special  machete (17 snipings)
Rocketeer  TootToot (13 kills with rocket)
Sentry Gunner  Scorpion (20 kills with a sentry gun)
Special Delivery  SQUID N TROLL OCTOPUS (23 MIRV gernade kills)
Spy as Dispenser  tN|c99 (2 Engineer kills with a dispenser)
Super-dooper Shotgun  BYzr (5 kills with the Super Shotgun)
The Worn-out F key Award  ShockWave (20 Kills with Normal Grenades)
This guy still uses the railgun -->  tN|Captain Kirk (1 kills with the Engineers Rail gun)
Why fire one bullet?  FloorPie (2 kills with the Autorifle)